Review Excerpts:

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Sept. 4, 1990:
"Poet Jim Heynen has a great ear. Reading through the interviews accompanied by Paul Boyer's tender yet tough photographic portraits is exhilarating."

The Mid-South Senior, Aug., 1990:
"A book for all ages, ONE HUNDRED OVER 100 is a treasure trove showing the splendid possibilities of longevity. It will become a valued companion that you return to again and again."

National Public Radio's "All Things Considered":
"What emerges in the book is a gentler, less frightening image of old age than we often imagine."

The Bloomsbury Review:
ONE HUNDRED OVER 100 consists of compassionate and often humorous brief literary portraits of centenarians from every corner of the continent . . . The author and photographer are unobtrusive presences throughout."

The Boston Globe, June 3, 1990:
"five score centenarians . . . provide the wonder of ONE HUNDRED OVER 100 . . . The men and women profiled here are as remarkable as the years they have attained."

Minneapolis Star Tribune:
"In Wordsworth's words, 'Milton, thou shouldst be living at this hour'--and have the opportunity to read ONE HUNDRED OVER 100, a book of great inspiration.

St. Peterburg Times:
"As writer Jim Heynen . . . crisscrossed North America, interviewing people 100 years or older for their book of profiles, they found a lot of interesting things, but dread wasn't among them . . . May this book diminish your fear of aging."

Des Moines Sunday Register:
"rather than fear the advancing years . . ., take a look at this book, chuckle over some of the centenarians' comments, and keep right on going."

Library Journal, May 1, 1990:
"The brief essays are well-written and convey the essence of the interviewee's life . . . A celebration of life and endurance. Recommended."

Individual comments:

Patrick McGrady, co-author of the Pritikin Program for Diet and Exercise: "--these are the beautiful people who have prevailed. This is their trove of life secrets: the richness of simplicity, the rewards of deprivation, the power of cussedness, and the impotency of pain. The invincible lifestyle boasts excellence of heart, candor, hard work, and common sense. Most of all these are people who never forgot to live life to the hilt--one day at a time."

Alfred Eisenstaedt, photographer:
"The photographs of these men and women are wonderful, and their stories are most inspiring. At 91, I see myself in many of these profiles, and I am encouraged by their examples."

-- jh