"These pictures, resting like treasures in a time capsule from 1939 until now, are delights. They will take you backward almost 70 years. They show you the faces, fields, and porches of an America before World War II, a rural, almost innocent world. A little nostalgic? So what. Never has a country needed a little sane nostalgia more than this one. The photographs are garnished by Jim Heynen's quick, witty, affectionate commentary. It nudges us smartly into the time capsule ourselves. If 2007 looks insane to you, peruse for a while this lovely, charming book that reminds us of what we used to look like—even sometimes be like." —Bill Holm

-- Bill Holm

The Des Moines Register, June 30, 2008

The enormous stack of photos was edited to a tight 106-page collection that holds universal appeal to many Iowans, who grew up in a small town or whose ancestors did.

In an odd way . . . the photographs are reassuring to people. The innocence may be boxed up for a while, but it's inside all of us.
-- Mike Kilen

AP: June, 2008

Quoting his widow, Helen (one of the photographs of his parents harvesting oats interested Everett more than most as he was preparing the prints shortly before his death): "He stared at that one for 20 minutes. In those last months, it all came alive for him."
-- James Beltran