There were no reviews for this book, but the following individual responses:

Denise Levertov: "Jim Heynen's poems have the ring of authenticity in their diction and images. . . He earns the right to claim belief for assertion, by having kept so firm a hold on his roots in the specifics of a country boyhood deeply felt and sharply remembered. The reality continues to connect other times and places at the source of continuing receptiveness."

Donald Hall in The Iowa Review: "When Heynen is right he is powerful, serious, moral, and true."

William Stafford:
"Jim Heynen can be funny, or serious, or both at once; and he appeals to young and old. They stand in line like Oliver Twists after his readings, to catch a little more. And that porridge is good, nourishing, delicious. It sticks to our shaking ribs."
-- jh